Hellgate:London Patch 1.3 Testcenterversion

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Hellgate:London Patch 1.3 Testcenterversion

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Hallo zusammen,

für's MP-Gaming wurde Patch 1.3 auf dem Testcenter installiert, wo man nach Herzenslust wieder die Neuerungen bewundern und ausgiebig testen kann. Mit dieser Version sollen auch endlich die EU-Subscriber ihren Sub-Status auf dem Testcenterserver bekommen, damit sie das Game in vollem Funktionsumfang ausprobieren können. Damit wäre ein Schritt weg vom Subscriber zweiter Klasse gemacht.


Shared Stash - Accountweites Staufach, allerdings nur für Subscriber :(

Gambling Vendors - Item-Glückspiel gegen Geld

Hide Helmet - endlich kann man das Aussehen seines Charakters 'verschönern' indem man die Helmgrafik abstellt, ohne die Stats zu verlieren :bg:

Inspect Players - Ausrüstungsspionage bei Mitspielern, damit man endlich weiß, wie schlecht der eigene Char ausgestattet ist :D



Zitat von Scapes aus dem off. Forum:

Test Center Patch 1.3 - Patch Notes
These patch notes are for the build of Patch 1.3 currently deployed on the Test Center server.

Test Center Patch 1.3 Notes
April 4, 2008

New Features

* Ranks and Perks:
o After characters hit Level 50, they can start earning experience towards gaining Ranks.
o There are 50 Ranks, each of which will take a long time to earn.
o Rank is displayed under the character’s level and is visible to other players.
o Each Rank grants you one Perk Point. Perk Points can be spent on Perks.
o There will be 15 different kinds of Perks with four levels each.
o Perks will be displayed in a skill-tree-like fashion – with icons and popup text describing what the benefits are of the Perk. Hit U to view the Perks screen.
o The first level for each Perk will cost one Perk Point. Another Perk Point will be needed to increase each level after the first, much like with upgrading an item using Nanoshards.

* Shared Stash:
o Now all characters on your subscriber account can share their items! Current trade conventions do apply: items will not be able to be traded across play modes. Also, “no trade” items can not be placed in Shared Stash.

* Hide Helmet:
o Players can elect to hide their headgear and show their characters’ faces without removing it. This toggle can be found at the bottom of the character screen.

* Emotes:
o A host of emotes are now at your disposal including beg, bow, cheer, cry, flex, kiss, laugh, point, stop, taunt, and wave. While others are also available on Test Center, these are being reserved as rewards. Type “/” and the word, then hit enter to perform it.

* Inspect Players:
o Players can now inspect other players’ equipment. Right click on a nearby character and select the “Inspect” option to bring up a ragdoll interface showing the character and its equipment.
o Players can prevent their characters from being inspected by toggling the Inspect option at the bottom of their character screen.

* Gambling Merchant:
o Presently located in Stonehenge, Gambling Merchant Ko has items for sale which are unidentified and do not reveal their actual rarity level. Players can risk their hard-earned Palladium for the chance to gamble on these items.

* Optional Chat Bubbles:
o Chat bubbles are now an optional chat feature and can be toggled in the Game Options menu. Different chat channels will appear as different text colors.


* The maximum Palladium a player may carry has been increased to 100,000,000.
* Fixed a bug which caused Xfire to disconnect when the player switches instances.
* The in-game mail database system has been rewritten, please provide feedback on it!

User Interface

* Party members’ names now show up on the automap when the Alt key is held down.
* The name of the recipient of a trade request is now displayed in the trade window.
* Players may now choose to abbreviate the names of other players in the chat window down to a maximum of nine letters. This option can be toggled under Game Options.
* Fixed a bug causing items to register as not equippable if they give enough of an attribute to make up for the amount of feed they will cost.
* Fixed a bug causing some items to unequip when the player enters the game or zones.
* Improved the accuracy of attribute and feed changes in the character panel when hovering over an item.
* The “Hardcore” indicator icon now shows up to the left of the player’s name.
* Fixed a bug causing clicks in the server list dropdown menu to sometimes click through to buttons underneath it.
* Buttons have been added to the chat interface allowing for quick access to chat commands and emotes. They can be found in the lower right corner of the chat panel.

World Movement

* Players can now warp to any friend or guildmate who is in a town by right-clicking on the person’s name. The buddy list and guild list will have the player’s current location noted.


* Fixed a bug which sometimes caused shields and/or power to decrease in larger chunks than they should when getting hit or using a skill.
* Fixed a bug which caused proc effects to not be properly normalized based on the weapon’s speed.
* Fixed a bug which caused proc-on-attack effects to never trigger.
* Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause skill cooldowns to not trigger.
* Fixed a bug which caused fields to often not damage monsters in indoor areas.
* Fixed a bug which caused Armor Percent bonuses to be applied twice during damage reduction calculations.


* Players with PvP enabled may no longer open party portals.
* Consumable items other than Medpacks are no longer usable in PvP.


* If a player removes an item that grants them the only point in a summoning skill, or otherwise forgets a summoning skill, all pets summoned by that skill will now be dismissed.


* Gyro Stabilizers may now be used while stunned.
* Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a crash when the player attempts to drop a quest item.

Known Issues

* Using the Skill or Attribute Retrainers does not reset the attributes for the Engineer's drone.
* Gambling Vendor Ko sells items with an exceedingly wide range of level requirements.
* Monsters do not receive damage from Rebounder Rounds when they are aimed at ground.
* Text goes beyond the boundaries of Chat Bubbles.
* The instance-switching box is cut off in non-widescreen resolutions and disappears when changing resolutions.
* The “Surgical” Perk does not grant the character its increased Critical Chance.
* After inspecting a player, the inspector can see the inspected in the User Interface.
* Characters cannot assign Perk Points when they have spent all of their Skill Points before earning a Rank.
* The Perks button has caused other buttons to overlap the Alt Menu.
* The “Lung Capacity” Perk is listed as an Active Perk in its tooltip.
* The “Arcane Resolve” Perk is missing its percentage in its tooltip.
* Switching instances may cause a network error.
* If there are more than six people in an instance, all vendors’ inventories will be empty. Players can try to change instances using the instance switcher at the top right corner above the mini-map.
* Gambling Vendor Ko's weapons and armor can be analyzed before buying, revealing their "unknown" affixes.
* Gambling Vendor Ko only sells rare items.


Patch Notes Disclaimer: While we make every effort to include all upcoming changes in our patch notes, please be aware that occasionally some changes are unintentionally omitted.


Quelle: http://www.hellgatelondon.com/